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Guidelines for bloggers, commenters

We want this blog to be a place where people can debate issues vigorously, disagree vigorously, and remain respectful. The debate should be lively, and even pointed at times, but always respectful. This goes for blog posts and for comments as well.

So, our guidelines are minimal, but non-negotiable. The editor reads all posts and comments before publishing them. Any posts or comments that violate these guidelines will not see the light of day:

  1. No ad hominem attacks. It is possible to disagree with another person without attacking him or her personally.
  2. Provide evidence if you’re not writing about something that you personally observed or was part of your personal experience, i.e. while teaching. While this blog is a forum for expressing opinions, it is also part of a news website. As such, any claims, allegations, etc. must be backed up by specific examples, especially when a person or people are the subject of said allegations or claims. Cite studies, research, articles, public records, etc., and, when possible, link to them. It heightens the credibility of the post if you have evidence to back up what you are saying.
  3. In general, posts should be no more than 1,000 words. Short is sweet. Posts written specifically for the newsletter as guest columns can at times be up to 2,000 words. If you can’t say it succinctly, then blogging may not be your medium.

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