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Recent ed blog highlights: May 24

Posted by May 24th, 2011.

Once a week or so I will provide links to particularly interesting and provocative blog posts on education from around the nation, whether I agree with them or not. The number of education blogs out there has become daunting, so I do not pretend that my list is comprehensive, balanced or logical in any way. Here are my first offerings:

  • Diane Ravitch on Bill Gates’ negative influence over public education. Daily Beast blog
  • The average college grad starts at $27,000 per year, if he or she can find a job.  Joanne Jacobs
  • On a related notes, student loan default rates are rising fast. The Quick and the Ed
  • Has Washington Post blogger Valerie Strauss become the Lou Dobbs of education? Jay P. Greene
  • Michelle Rhee and former union chief Parker: Strange bedfellows. Teacher Beat
  • What’s the real difference between Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten? Dropout Nation

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3 Responses to “Recent ed blog highlights: May 24”

  1. Thanks for the Ravitch article. You must be reading my Facebook wall. ;-)

  2. Alan Gottlieb says:

    Of course. Where do you think I get my ideas?

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